We welcome you to visit our Preschool classroom to see learning, fun and growing in action. Some exciting things your child will do; play outside daily, learn self-help skills, join group time, learn days of the week, challenge his/her mind and most importantly be safe and well taken care of. 

Teachers utilize The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool to guide their daily teaching.  This curriculum is based on the latest, most current research about how young children develop and learn. Leave the work to us, all meals are included.

We truly enjoy our career and know we make a difference when we hear the appreciation and acknowledgment from both parents and local school district screening professionals and most importantly watching your child learn, grow and succeed! 
Our Preschool Curriculum Objectives


Regulates own emotions and behaviors

Establishes and sustains positive relationships

Participates cooperatively and constructively in group times

Examples: gives another child a ball when asked, screams when another child touches his crackers, seeks preferred child to sit with at group time, hugs a child who fell down, etc.


Demonstrates Traveling skills

Demonstrates balancing skills

Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills

Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination

Examples: Grasps drawing and writing tools, jabbing at paper, unbuttons large buttons, kicks a stationary ball, gets in and out of chair, walks backwards, marches around the room, etc.


Listens to and understands increasingly complex language

Uses language to express thoughts and needs

Uses appropriate communication skills

Examples: joins in games such as peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake, hears siren and goes to teacher pointing “Fire Truck”, uses one work, “milk”, to mean “I want some milk”, etc.


Demonstrates positive approaches to learning

Remembers and connects experiences

Uses classification skills

Uses symbols and images to represent something not present

Examples: holds toy phone to ear, points to photograph and says, “daddy”, picks out and eats only the animal crackers, throws paper away when teacher asks, “please put this in the trash”, etc.


Demonstrates phonological awareness

Demonstrates knowledge of alphabet

Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses

Comprehends and responds to books and other texts

Demonstrates emergent writing skills

Examples: Scribble writes deliberately, sings with a group, “one, two, buckle my shoe”, makes marks that appear to be in random order, etc.


Uses number concepts and operations

Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes

Compares and measures

Demonstrates knowledge of patterns

Examples: notices that a special song is played every time it is time to clean up, pours sand or water from one container to another, raises hands up and down as the song directs, etc.

Science and Technology

Our curriculum focuses on living things, physical properties of materials and objects and our Earth’s environment and how we care for it.  This objective is not progressive learning.

Examples: observes & explores things in the environment, organizes information, shows awareness of life in different habitats, understands changes in weather, navigate a software program, etc.

Social Studies

Our curriculum focuses on the study of people and the way they relate to others.  The kids learn how to be researches, critical thinkers, and active members of a classroom community.

Examples: aware that each person has basic needs and unique characteristics, understands various jobs in the community, understands people have different rights & responsibilities, etc.

The Arts

Our curriculum allows children to express themselves through the visual arts, music, dance and movement and drama.  As children draw, paint, construct, mold, sing, dance, etc. they make new discoveries and integrate what they are learning.

Examples: appreciates peers artwork, uses and cares for art materials, expresses thoughts through music, leads and/or follows others moves, shows real life roles can be enacted, etc.

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