Affordable and Fun Gift Ideas That Support Your Child’s Education

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Watching your kids unwrap their holiday gifts is a favorite holiday memory for many parents. Through their excitement, you get to relive the joy of the festive season as if you were a child yourself. When selecting presents for your little ones, you want to get gifts that will keep them amused for more than a day. Educational presents that challenge their minds are a great way to keep them from getting bored quickly. This doesn’t mean you have to pay big bucks for the latest tech toy. There are many simple and affordable presents you can get that will encourage children’s minds to grow. Let the below ideas inspire you.

Motivate them to get moving with affordable athletic gear

Athletic activities benefit kids both physically and mentally. Regular exercise improves stamina and endurance, promotes strength and flexibility, and helps decrease the likelihood of obesity—which is linked to diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Playing sports also teaches kids valuable life lessons early on. They are taught how hard work and practice allow for greater achievements, learn accountability, and get a grasp on how setting goals promotes success. From a social standpoint, they also learn how to work well with others and communicate with kids and adults alike.

Giving your child a baseball kit, basketball hoop and ball, or other sports gear is a great way to get them excited about physical activity. You don’t have to spend a fortune on athletic equipment—look to the internet for affordable deals. Online store pages like Macys at Rakuten provide coupons, promotional codes, and cashback deals. You can get athletic apparel, sneakers, smartwatches, and more with these savings. Since these platforms offer a variety of goods, from clothing to homewares, you can also sneak in some other Christmas shopping while you’re at it.

Find cost-efficient educational activities you can do as a family

Studies show that spending quality time with your children supports their mental and emotional health, results in fewer behavioral issues, and even supports positive physical development. As a busy parent juggling work and family, it isn’t always easy to spend quality time with your kids, however. This holiday season, address the issue by gifting your child fun educational activities that you can do together. You can search the internet for cheap deals on museum, cultural, and educational excursions, or inquire about memberships to save money year-round.

Need inspiration? You could consider taking a cooking class together, for instance. Younger children can use cooking and baking to learn basic counting and measurements, improving their math skills. Older children can learn about more advanced topics like chemistry. Cooking together and creating a dish that you can actually eat is a bonding experience, plus kids will gain pride and confidence when they are able to prepare an actual dish for consumption. Finally, teaching kids about food is a great way to get them interested in nutrition and to lay a foundation of knowledge in terms of healthy eating habits.

Get them involved in a local theater or musical group

Theater and music are another great way to help your child’s mind grow. Theater requires kids to memorize lines and encourages them to explore their creativity. It’s also great for teaching responsibility, as kids need to attend rehearsals regularly. Music lessons help kids learn math skills by teaching them beat and rhythm, elements that require an understanding of division, fractions, and pattern recognition.

You don’t have to spend big on these activities. Look for low-cost children’s theater groups through your local library or schools. The great thing with theater is that you don’t have to invest in supplies. When it comes to music, a children’s choir (for instance through a local church) is one affordable option. There’s no need to buy a pricey instrument.

With this educational gift guide for kids, you should have no problem finding a fun yet affordable present for your little one. Whether they’re more into music or all about sports, the above ideas have an option to suit every child’s style.

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