Covid-19 Safety Information - Memories & Milestones Academy

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Covid-19 Safety Information

What We Are Doing for Covid-19 Safety

Memories & Milestones Academy continues to provide a reliable, welcoming environment that prioritizes each child’s individual needs as well as the health and safety of our fabulous families and our amazing team!


  • We are continuing our rigorous cleaning process, which includes; cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing.
  • Increasing the number of times, we complete our rigorous cleaning process.
  • We are increasing the amount of time spent disinfecting after hours, to eliminate any lurking germs. We use a hospital-grade disinfectant that kills coronavirus.
  • Increasing our hired cleaning crew visits as needed.


  • Implemented a screening process for families to complete each day prior to dropping off their children.
  • Implemented a screening process for employees to complete prior to working each day.
  • Increased health & safety at drop-off/pick times by adding hand sanitizer to use prior to entering the building, having adults wear face coverings in hallways, and having parents drop off at our classroom doors rather than entering our classrooms.


  • Scheduling our employees to limit the classrooms they are in as much as possible.
  • Ensuring our teachers are aware and understand the importance of 6 feet social distancing with adults.
  • Paying our employees for days missed due to mandated stay at home.
  • If an employee or child shows symptoms that are similar to Covid-19 identified symptoms, we will follow the MN Department of Health Decision Tree.
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