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Our Programs

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Since 90% of your child’s brain develops before the age of five, a proper early education is critical.

We integrate award-winning curriculum into your child’s day. Each of our classrooms (Infant, Toddler, Preschool, and PreK) plan and implement our curriculum on a daily basis.

Creative Curriculum™, OWL, and High Reach curriculum are early childhood research based curriculum. Memories & Milestones Academy utilizes these three curriculums to stay on the leading edge of early childhood education.


Individualized assessment is valuable to early childhood education. We implement our curriculum and then assess each child. We want to be sure we are planning age appropriately to meet their individual needs. We encourage parents to attend conferences and participate in our assessments to help their child’s early childhood education.

Our Curriculum Goals

  • Make learning meaningful and fun.
  • Facilitate the development of the whole child with developmentally appropriate activities.
  • Be flexible enough to allow the teacher to adapt it to the individual needs of each child.
  • Be based on sound educational theory about how children learn and develop.
  • Encourage family involvement and keep families informed.
  • Provide creative, hands-on activities that allow children to learn.
  • Foster a positive self-image in each child.

Here are the answers to the top questions we are asked. Please send your questions online via our contact form.

1. What are your hours?

We are open 6:30am-5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Extended hours may be available to meet your needs, please contact your Academy.

2. Do you accept NACCRRA?

Yes. Thank you for serving our country. We appreciate everything you do.

3. Do you accept MN child care assistance?

Yes. We are approved to receive payments from the State of Minnesota.

4. Are you licensed?

Yes, we have a license from MN State Department of Human Services and MN Department of Health. We are also a NAEYC and Parent Aware participant. We believe in exceeding rules and regulations.

5. Do the kids go outside every day?

Yes. The fresh air and mother nature are wonderful for every child. Weather permitting we go outside every day. We follow guidelines set by our Health Nurse to determine when the weather is too cold or too hot (Younger children guidelines differ from the older children).

6. Do you offer part-time schedules?

Yes. If you need care less than 5 days; we offer 2 day and 3 day contracted schedules. Each day you may utilize 10 hours of child care.

7. Does my child need to attend a separate preschool when I enroll him at Memories & Milestones Academy?

No. Our Teachers plan and implement activities that meet/exceed what you would expect from preschool. Think of our Academy as a full day preschool program. We also work with local schools to ensure we are preparing your child for Kindergarten.

8. Do you close unexpectedly?

No. You can rely on us. We understand how important your schedule is. We are only closed 10 planned days each year.

9. Do your teachers have educational degrees?

Yes, some of our teachers do hold an Education degree. We meet and/or exceed MN State requirements.

10. Do I have to bring meals for my child?

No, leave the work to us. We provide hot nutritious meals every day. Our Academy provides; Breakfast, Lunch and Snack.

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