How Can I Keep My Kids Busy All Summer?

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How Can I Keep My Kids Busy All Summer?

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Keep your kids busy all summer long with the activities below. It’s important to encourage learning all summer, and it’s essential to have fun. Summer programs can be a handy tool for keeping your kids busy. In addition to the standard summer program, we have identified ways to keep kids of all ages busy all summer long.

Ideas to Keep Kids Busy All Summer

Build Something That’s Enjoyable Long Term

Identify a big project that will require a little work every day, then by the end of the summer; it will be complete. Your kids will learn new skills, and you’ll have something to do together, depending on your project.

You can build a treehouse or an obstacle course if your kids are older. It will be something you can work on together, or sometimes they can complete part of the project independently. They’ll have something to enjoy for a few years at the end of the summer.

Kids can even build skatepark obstacles if they enjoy skateboarding. It doesn’t take too many skills to build a quarter pipe, copings, and transitions.

If your kids are a little younger, think about choosing a project you can work on a couple of days a week and then pull together at the end of summer. Here’s a list of ideas:

  • Cookbook of favorite recipes
  • Birdhouse wonderland
  • Boxcar or soapbox
  • Lego city
  • Sitting bench for the neighborhood or front yard
  • Garden area
  • Photography book of favorite things
  • Art portfolio

Visit Local Parks

We have excellent local parks in Belle Plaine and New Prague. Although baseball is probably the most popular activity in the summer, there’s so much more to do. You can fly a kite, play tag, walk, explore wildlife habitats, skateboard or have a picnic. Whatever you enjoy doing, summer is the perfect time for your kids and family to visit local parks.

Here are a few parks to visit:

Court Square Park – Belle Plaine

The Court Square Park in Belle Plaine draws frisbee golf enthusiasts, and it also has an array of playground equipment and bathrooms. The Hooper Bowler Hillstrom Historical House is adjacent to the park.

Union Square Park – Belle Plaine

This park is home to the annual BBQ Days and Summer Festival held on the third weekend of July. Union Square Park is also known for local baseball games. It’s ideal for younger and older children. It has bathrooms, a pavilion with a kitchen, and much more.

Heritage Square – Belle Plaine

One of the larger parks with amenities for all ages is Heritage Square. You’ve probably already been here, but you should check it out if you haven’t. It has a skatepark, soccer fields, picnic areas, playground, and baseball fields.

Cedar Lake Farm Regional Park – New Prague

A beach! Who doesn’t love a beach in the summer? Cedar Lake Farm Regional Park is a lake-focused park. Geocaching, play areas, fishing, picnic areas, boating, and more are available at this park. It’s known for being well maintained and hosts events all year long but is especially fun in the summer because of the beach.

Heritage Park – New Prague

Pickleball is new to Heritage Park. This park has playground equipment for little and big kids. Grab your picnic basket; there is plenty of space to spread out in this often underutilized park and enjoy the sun.

Southside Park – New Prague

Thirteen acres of park space make up the Southside Park. You can play frisbee golf, play on the playground, take a walk, picnic, play baseball or meet friends and play.

Hold a Yes Day

Based on the picture book “Yes Day!” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and the related movie starring Jennifer Garner, Yes Day, is a day where parents and kids have to say yes to the ideas of all family members. We recommend setting a couple of rules in the areas of 1. do no harm and 2. a budget. Other than that, you know your kids, and they will come up with brilliant ideas. You also get to ask for a few things, too. Don’t make any requests about chores or stuff you know your kids don’t enjoy, so it’s a fun day. Yes Day will be a highlight of your summer. If it’s successful, have 2 or more Yes Days!

Rainy Day Activities

Sometimes it rains all day during the summer. It is a good idea to stay inside and slow things down a little when this happens.

A rainy day is an excellent day to plan the week. Kids are used to being told what to do most of the time, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Allow your kids to plan their own summer fun with some planning time. Hand over the laptop for research or allow your kids to look through local entertainment guides. Set up the whiteboard or handout post-it notes and let your kids come up with a list of things they would like to do this summer or fall. Let them create the schedule. Follow up the planning time with a home-cooked meal prepared by your kids.

A movie marathon day is always a good idea when it’s raining outside. Just try to fit some educational content in there. If you’re trying to cut down on tv time, there’s always the option to hold a board game tournament. Let everyone choose their favorite game and play them all in one day!

Finally, don’t forget the library! If it’s forecasted to rain all day, go to the library in the morning and have a rainy day reading day. This will establish a way to slow down for your kids that they can carry into adulthood. Although the library is great every day and you don’t have to wait for it to rain, the idea of teaching your kids to read for fun is an important step in their development.

Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer The Right Way at Memories & Milestones Academy

Our summer program for kids up to 12 years of age is the ideal way to know your kids are in a safe environment focused on the right kind of fun. We’ll keep them busy all summer in a fun and positive environment. We provide the space and adult supervision at Memories & Milestones Academy so you have the peace of mind knowing your kids are on track all summer long.

Our summer program includes:

  • Special summer program area
  • Adult supervision
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks
  • Quiet time
  • Outdoor play options
  • Games
  • Age-appropriate special days (like bring your favorite video game)
  • Science experiments
  • Reptile visits
  • Magician visits
  • Visits from community members like law enforcement and local experts
  • Fun!

Your kids will benefit from staying on a flexible but structured routine, making the transitions from and back to school easier. They’ll also get to hang out with friends and have the opportunity to make new friends. You’ll benefit from knowing they are safe and continuing to learn throughout the summer.

National research on summer programs notes keeping kids busy during the summer helps their physical and mental health and increases their social and academic skills. Contact us about our summer program today. We have a limited amount of spots available.

About Memories & Milestones Academy

At Memories & Milestones Academy, we’re happy to answer all questions and provide a complimentary walk-thru tour of our programsContact us to schedule your tour of our center in New Prague or Belle Plaine.

We’re proud to be the top early learning provider in Belle Plaine and New Prague. Our enrolled families regularly recommend us to family and friends. Our employees enjoy working here and help to recruit additional teachers.

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