How to Enhance Your Child's Preschool Experience

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How to Enhance Your Child’s Preschool Experience

Preschool is an important period of life for your child. Before your child turns 3, they should be enrolled in preschool. Your child’s educational journey is important, and how you start the journey matters. Let’s make sure everything is covered to enhance your child’s preschool experience.

Take a Trip and Visit Preschool

If you haven’t done so already, visit your preschool. You’ll want to check everything out before starting the preschool experience. Then plan to visit your preschool a week or two before your first day. This will help your child become familiar with the building, employees, and pick-up and drop-off process.

Plan Ahead for a Smooth Preschool Transition

Make a plan to transition from home to preschool. A few weeks before starting preschool, it will be important to establish a routine. Even though you might not always leave the house at the same time all week long, it’s important to have a morning routine of eating, getting dress, and brushing teeth each morning. Your child will learn that these are things you do before leaving the house. You want your child to know; we do these things, we get in the car, and then we go to preschool.

Later in the day, you will want to establish an afternoon routine. Once you pick up your child from preschool and you’re at home, you’ll need an afternoon/evening routine. This routine should include a way to wrap up today and get ready for tomorrow. A quick check-in question like, “what did you make at preschool today?” is a good start. Plus, it’s ideal to have a backpack to place items for preschool tomorrow.

Play With Other Kids (Lots of Them)

Plan playdates with your favorite neighbors, family members, and friends. Try to have as many playdates as you can. Or go to the playground and play with other kids. Your child learns in so many ways, and learning by experience is one way they can prepare for preschool.

Practice Taking Turns

You’ll want to take every opportunity that you can to practice taking turns. This might seem funny at home if it’s just you and your child, but trust us, learning to share is a big deal, and it takes practice. For example, you’re playing with your child and they want the toy in your hand. It doesn’t bother you. But your child is learning, this a good opportunity to teach sharing. “I see you want the toy I have, please ask”.  You then can say “yes here you go”, or “let me finish playing and then you can have a turn”. This works great when repeated numerous times.

Think about this; it’s time for everyone to leave the house. Who goes first? It’s an opportunity to practice taking turns. Who goes out the door first. Who closes the door this time?

It’s time to read. Do you pick the book? Does your child pick the book? How do you take turns choosing what book to read?

Work on Independence Skills

Being independent is one of the biggest things your child will tackle in preschool. Tying both shoes, preparing to go outside in the cold, brushing teeth, getting a snack from the fridge, and so much more will be self-serve options soon.

Practice starts at home and often means slowing down and letting your child do stuff for themselves. Yes, you can tie your child’s shoes in 5 seconds flat. Yes, it can take a 3-year-old ten minutes to tie their shoes. Your child is learning.

Did your sister ask your 3-year-old a question? Did you answer, or did you let them answer? It’s important to allow space for children to answer adults’ questions directly. They’ll be a terrific communicator someday soon.

Read to Get Ready for Preschool

There is a reason so many parenting sites and people recommend reading. Reading helps your child make sense of the world. They learn words and how words connect by reading. We recommend reading every day as part of a bedtime routine, but really any time is a good time to read.

Talk About Feelings

It’s important to allow space and time for your child to express their feelings. Similar to how they are learning about the world, they are also figuring out how they feel internally. It’s important to talk about feelings safely and from a positive perspective.

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