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How to Get Your Toddler Ready for Daycare

Preparing Your Toddler for Daycare

It’s time for your toddler to get ready for daycare; how exciting! Now is the time to start preparing. Daycare is a new experience for you and your child, and a little preparation will go a long way. We’ve pulled together a few helpful tips to help everyone make a smooth transition to daycare.

Don’t forget that Memories & Milestones Academy provides daycare services and has spots available in Belle Plaine and New Prague; contact us for a daycare tour.

How to Get Your Toddler Ready for Daycare

#1 Talk to Your Child About What to Expect at Daycare

If they have older siblings, talk to them about how it’s like going to school but for kids their age. If they don’t have older siblings, talk to them about how things will be similar at daycare compared to home. For example, lunch, playing outside, and nap time will still be, and they’ll have their own sippy cup. Plus, they’ll be making plenty of daycare crafts.

#2 Make Comparisons to Familiar Experiences

Compare going to daycare with familiar situations. For example, going to daycare is like grandma leaving our house or going on vacation and coming back. It’s like letting the dog out, and then the dog returns. The concept here is to associate daycare with something that happens for a certain amount of time, and then they return to something they know.

#3 Practice Being Around People in Public

Start to highlight good behavior in public spaces. Good hygiene is essential, like washing your hands before you eat. Using a tissue is important for sneezing, as is coughing into your arm or away from other people. Practice listening to others when they talk, sitting still, and sharing toys. In general, being respectful of keeping your germs to yourself and fostering a sense of self within a larger group is essential. Also, remember that most daycares encourage kids to wear their shoes while at daycare.

#4 Encourage Personal Boundaries & Respecting Boundaries

Teach being respectful of personal boundaries. If someone is too close to you, use your words to say so politely. If someone else is playing with a toy you want, wait your turn. If someone needs to talk to the teacher one-on-one, that’s okay, and you can play or wait for them to return.

#5 Get Ready to Make New Friends

A considerable benefit of daycare for your child is seeing their friends “at school.” Friends are the number one reason children enjoy going to daycare. Plus, there are benefits like special programs where magicians, police officers, dancers, and community members visit at daycare.

#6 Practice Communicating

We like to say, “Use your words.” Your child should tell the teacher when they must go to the daycare bathroom. If they need a drink, they should ask for one, etc. At home, parents often “just know” what their children need. At daycare, it’s best to realize you’re in a public setting, and your child should communicate with your teacher.

How Can Parents Prepare for Daycare?

Here are a few other things you can do in preparation:

#1 Take a Tour – It’s important to contact the daycare provider and tour the facility. To tour and enroll at Memories & Milestones Academy, contact us.

#2 Practice Patience with the Transition – We tell parents “patience, persistence, and consistency” to help transition toddlers into daycare. Daycare can be a significant change for toddlers, but they are typically good at adapting.

#3 Get Ready for the Stories – You’ll hear about all the new experiences your child has at daycare.

#4 What to Bring – Memories & Milestones Academy will provide you with a “What to Bring” list once you enroll in daycare. This list ensures your child has everything they need to succeed at daycare.

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