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Making Home Decor with You Kids

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Everyone wants to have a beautiful house, and you can have one too! Kids, even very young children, can make decor for your home. They might need a little help along the way, but you’re sure to have fun, and your house is going to look a little more beautiful full of the homemade decor that your kids create.

Making Home Decor With Crayons and Paint

Artwork can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be when your kids make the artwork in your home. Most kids enjoy painting and coloring and make exceptional “works of art.” Plus, when your kids paint, they express ideas that they can’t always express via words. Expect plenty of shapes and colors in your kids’ artwork.

First, you can melt crayons with a warming tray the result is a beautifully layered piece of colorful art. Don’t forget your mittens! You’ll see what we mean in the video. We also like when the crayons are warmed with a hairdryer and allowed to drip down a canvas. It looks similar to a melting candle.

melted crayon heart imageSecond, you don’t need a paintbrush to paint. Squirt toys make pretty artwork. We recommend “painting” with squirt toys as an outdoor activity only. It can be messy, which also makes it fun.

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Making Home Decor with Perler Beads

Perler beads are tiny plastic beads. They can be choking hazards, so be careful and supervise your kids when using these beads. Remember this activity is parent-directed! We recommend Perler beads because you can make so many household items with them.

Here are ideas for household decor made with Perler Beads:

  • Magnets – perfect for hanging artwork on the fridge
  • Window art – you can make something similar to stained glass that is bright and colorful for any window in your home
  • Table coasters – set your glass of tea down on something pretty
  • Perler bead kits – Perler recently launched kits; you can prepare for the holidays by making this gingerbread house. They also have bouquets of flowers, snow globes, hanging planters, and so much more for your home.

Making Home Decor With Kids Out of Wood

Wood is solid and durable, making it an ideal base for most kid projects. Depending on the age of your child, you can build just about anything for your home.

Here are a few wood activities:

  • Birdhouse – Build and paint it or paint it depending on the age of your kids.
  • Catch-all Containers – Every home needs a catch-all container for all those items that need a temporary home. You can customize your own.
  • Games – You can make game boards with wood pieces. Model your game after your favorite or create a new game.
  • Plant ID Tags – Once your child learns to write, using wood sticks to label plants is the perfect way to practice handwriting. If they’re still too young, they can help by painting and you can label them.
  • Robots – Using a mixture of wood cut-out shapes, you can use pipe cleaners, rubber bands, and springs to create a robot toy.

There are so many wood-related kids activities that you can create anything your child can imagine.

Kitchen & Laundry Items

Why use a boring hand towel or clothespin when you can use one decorated by your kids? Here are things that you can make and use in your kitchen and laundry room.

  • Hand-Painted Dish Towels – Purchase white dish towels as a canvas. Kids of all ages can paint the towels. Towels made of 100% cotton work best, and you can use paint or markers.
  • Clothespins – You can level up your clothespins by adding buttons, colorful cotton balls, string, or anything else around the house. Maybe your kids will want to help hang laundry? If not, you’ll get to enjoy what they create.
  • Chip Clips – You can also decorate clothespins and use them as chip clips. By adding names, you can designate someone’s snack.

Here’s a video showcasing easy-to-make items from clothespins, including birds and airplanes.

Making Home Decor With Things Around the House

Finally, it’s easy to create decor items from things you have around the house. Extra buttons, broken clothespins (wow, a light from clothespins!), string, cardboard, duct tape, PVC pipe, wood scraps, food containers, and so much more can all be turned into something beautiful.  The hostess of 5-minutes crafts creates a rocket ship to play inside, a cardboard play kitchen, and so much more. The crafts in the video are examples of things you can make together with your kids.

Try easy crafts like handprint crafts and papercrafts if you’re looking for something where your child is taking the lead.

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