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New Prague Daycare: How to Choose the Right Place For Your Family

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New Prague daycare options fall into two major categories – group or in-home.  The state typically licenses group daycare centers to provide services.  They tended to be owned by local community members, like Memories & Milestones Academy, owned and operated by a local mom.  Additionally, there are a handful of church-related or faith-based group daycare providers.

In-home daycare providers are typically not licensed by the state and operate out of someone’s personal home. They are required to be licensed by the county if they serve more than one family. Families often choose in-home daycares for babies and younger toddlers because spots for this age group can be challenging to find at group daycare centers due to limited availability.

Both group and in-home daycares typically serve groups of children ranging between 10-14 children in total or per classroom. Your child will have plenty of socialization opportunities.

How to Choose the Right Daycare

Rave Reviews

Word of mouth is one of the best indicators that a daycare center might be right for you.  Ask your friends and families for recommendations, especially if they have kids around the same age as you.  Also, check out reviews online: Google and Care are good places to start.  Also, most centers maintain a Facebook page where you can see reviews and possibly connect with enrolled families.

Talk to Employees

If you know or meet an employee that works at a daycare, talk to them about what it’s like to work at the center.  Do they love working there?

When you’re on the tour of the daycare center, make sure to ask about the training opportunities for employees. Many group daycare facilities provide regular training opportunities. The more highly qualified the staff is at a daycare, the better education and care your child is going to receive.

Review for Reliable Open Hours & Days

Not all daycare centers maintain the same schedule.  Some close early in the evening, and others open late.  Some are closed 20-30 days a year.  Make sure to ask about how many days a year the daycare center is closed and what their hours are for drop off and pick up.  Compare your work and life schedule to ensure it will work for you.

Ensure The Basics Are Covered

Safety, security, and healthy food are easy to overlook but don’t forget about them.  Make sure your child is safe at the daycare facility.  You want to experience teachers greeting families in the morning and a locked door at the main entrance along with safety precautions taken throughout the building.

Also, check to see what type of food will be served, or will you have the added cost of providing food?  At Memories & Milestones Academy, we provide hot, healthy, delicious meals and a snack, so our families don’t have to worry about it.

Verify Your Budget

Is the price of sending your child to the daycare center within your budget?  Everyone knows daycare is a worthy investment but double-check that you can afford it.

Signs You’re on the Right Track

You’re on the right track if you have a general sense that your child will like it at the daycare and you feel comfortable leaving your child with the employees.  You should also consider the education and socialization opportunities that your child will receive at daycare.  Here’s a handy list of what to look for when choosing a daycare center.  Parents have also told us that this information about curriculum and assessments is helpful.  Once you feel comfortable with your decision, you should enroll your child in daycare.

Enrolling in New Prague Daycare and What’s Next?

Once you enroll in daycare, it’s time to prepare for a smooth transition.  This means getting on a regular schedule.  It also means speaking with your child about what to expect.  Try to follow an eating schedule similar to what your child will be experiencing at daycare.  Meet other enrolled families so your child can look forward to seeing friends.  Also, expect an adjustment period and always look on the bright side.  Going to daycare is an exciting opportunity for your entire family.

About Memories & Milestones Academy’s New Prague Daycare Center

At Memories & Milestones Academy, we’re happy to answer all questions and provide a complimentary walk-thru tour of our daycare center in New Prague.  We also have a location in Belle PlaineContact us to schedule your tour.

We’re proud to be the top early education provider in our community.  Our enrolled families regularly recommend us to family and friends.  Our employees enjoy working here and help to recruit additional teachers.

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