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Preschool Lunches

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Preschoolers need to eat healthy, nutritious food. We know food can be expensive these days, so we’ve pulled together some of our favorite meals for you to make at home on a budget.

We’re also sharing our favorite lunches. At Memories & Milestones Academy, we provide hot, healthy meals each day, so our families don’t have to worry about the time it takes to pack or the related cost. Cheers to warm, healthy preschool lunches!

Budget-Friendly Preschool Lunches

Boiled Egg Lunch

Boiled egg, four strawberries, one cut-up waffle, and a small handful of dried fruit. Everyone loves breakfast for lunch!

Preschooler Tacos

Purchase rice and tortillas on sale and in bulk. You can freeze the tortillas to use later. Rice will last a few years when stored correctly, saving you money. In the meantime, serve rice, warm black beans, a little cheese, and salsa on a tortilla, and you have a toddler taco. We especially like the smaller tortillas (often called street tacos) because they’re easier to eat. You can substitute ground beef or chicken for the black beans.

Awesomely Beloved Preschool Lunches


Plain pasta is typically a toddler favorite. It’s easy to make, and you can use it as a base to introduce new flavors to your child. We recommend using whole-grain paste because it is more nutritious. Add marinara sauce, raw tomatoes, pesto sauce, butter, or whatever you prefer to your paste. Add protein like a cut-up chicken, lean ground beef, or legumes. For a complete meal, don’t forget a side of fruit and veggies like broccoli.

Simply Sandwich

Kids love sandwiches, and sun butter (allergy-free) and jelly or cheese and ham are two of the most requested sandwiches in most households. We also know peanut butter and banana, and grilled cheese sandwiches can be family favorites. Whatever the most popular is at your house, don’t forget to add a side of dried fruit, fresh fruit, or fresh veggies. Complete it with a glass of milk or natural fruit juice and have a healthy meal.

Rave Review by the Kiddos at Memories & Milestones

Mini donuts, muffins, and pancakes are all favorite breakfast options for our preschoolers. Try this Cinnamon Sweet Potato Muffin recipe for a healthier sweet muffin or this savory Corn Dog Muffin recipe.

A hot lunch is exactly what our kiddos get excited about at our academies. Two absolute favorites for preschoolers are mac & cheese and lasagna tacos. Preschoolers like to keep it simple for snack time with cheese & crackers, cornbread, or animal crackers.

Loved by Our Academy Employees

Our employees enjoy a healthy meal too. How else does everyone keep up with preschoolers all day long?

The #1 favorite meal for employees and preschools is chicken alfredo. Everyone loves this hot dish, so we serve it regularly. Employees also love an excellent tator tot hotdish. It’s not surprising; we’re in Minnesota, after all!

About Memories & Milestones Academy

At Memories & Milestones Academy, we’re happy to answer all questions and provide a complimentary walk-thru tour in New Prague and Belle Plaine. Contact us to schedule your tour.

We’re proud to be the top early education provider in our community. Our enrolled families regularly recommend us to family and friends. Our employees enjoy working here and help to recruit additional teachers.

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