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The Memories & Milestones Academy Difference

Choosing the right childcare and preschool for your child is important for your family. At Memories & Milestones Academy, we know the care of your child (or children) is a tremendous responsibility. We also know it’s an opportunity to create an excellent foundation for the kids in our communities, and that’s why we do things a little differently.

We set high standards for our adult team so your child has caring, consistent teachers, personal attention, and age-appropriate learning activities. We’re open every weekday (except for 12 planned holidays a year). Plus, we make capital investments so our learning environments are top-notch. All this effort and planning helps lays the foundation for your child’s learning.

Starting Off Right

When our academies opened, it was a long-time dream of our Owner, Chantel Gaaskjolen, to open high-quality facilities for children in the New Prague and Belle Plaine communities. She knew for the academies to be successful, a handful of things needed to happen. As a parent herself, she knew having the right team of adults to serve children would bring the consistency necessary for children to thrive. To do that, she needed to be a good employer while also providing excellent service to families and children.

Caring and Consistent Teachers

By being a model employer at our academies, we attract teachers who want to teach in our classrooms. We’re big enough for professional educators to collaborate with colleagues. Our educational approach also allows teachers the autonomy to run their classrooms. Our ‘small classrooms approach’ results in children having a consistent lead teacher throughout the day and each day.  Our committed teaching team sets the stage for children to feel more comfortable as they progress their learning throughout the year. Our curriculum keeps everyone on track with learning objects from year to year.

Personal Attention

Because our classrooms are small, we can provide the personal attention that children need based on their age. We know when a child shows up, and they’re “having a bad morning.” We also know our children well enough to know when something “seems off” throughout the day and how to check in with them to improve whatever is going on in their minds and hearts.

Reliability So You Can Live Your Life

We’re committed to providing high-quality services for children so you can live your life to the fullest. This means we’re open every weekday, all year, with a limited amount of holidays. Our 12 annual holidays are always announced in advance and typically align with standard work holidays. This makes us your reliable daycare partner so that you can navigate work, your career, and life.

We Make Capital Investments

So many daycare facilities have been adapted to suit the needs of kids. We’ve taken a different approach, and we’ve made significant capital investments and built environments for children. We have specific rooms to suit the needs of children based on their age.

Our infant areas are designed for tiny hands, ears, and feet and don’t include older children’s toys (aka choking hazards). Toddlers and preschoolers need room to run, play and explore. They need age-appropriate books and toys. Toys that make noises, fly around, get squeezed, and even splash. Our classrooms are designed with this in mind. Right down to the tiny chairs our toddler sit in for learning. Plus, we have top-of-the-line playgrounds and classrooms for toddlers and preschoolers. Slides and areas for climbing are smaller for toddlers and larger for preschoolers.

We didn’t make this investment for parents’ peace of mind. We did it because we felt it was the right thing for kids. But, it does make it easier for parents to drop off their kids at our academies knowing that their children are well-taken care of at all times.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking about enrolling in a childcare and preschool center, check out our helpful checklist of what to look for when finding the right place for you and your child. We recently expanded our classroom and are excepting new enrollments. We also plan to grow in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for expansion updates!

Here are a Few Photos of Our Classrooms, Children & Staff


Photograph of our lawn full of play equipment for children of all ages



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About Memories & Milestones Academy

At Memories & Milestones Academy, we’re happy to answer all questions and provide a complimentary walk-thru tour of our programsContact us to schedule your personal tour of our daycare center in New Prague or Belle Plaine.

We’re proud to be the top daycare provider in Belle Plaine and New Prague. Our enrolled families regularly recommend us to family and friends. Our employees enjoy working here and help to recruit additional teachers.

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