Thrifty Back-to-School Tips for Preschool and Daycare Families

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Thrifty Back-to-School Tips for Preschool and Daycare Families

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Back-to-School Time! At Memories & Milestones Academy, we love the feeling of back-to-school time. We know it can be an overwhelming time of year, but we’re here to help with thrifty back-to-school tips for preschool and daycare families. Many of these tips are well-tested by our staff, teachers, and families.

This year, we’re focusing on being thrifty as everyone heads back to school. Between supply chain issues and inflation, everyone is looking for ways to stretch their dollars further, so we’ve pulled together a few tips to help keep money in the bank.

Tips for Thrifty Preschool & Daycare Families

Thrifty Tip#1: Make a Plan for What You Need

Sure, it’s easy to walk into the local store and check out all the back-to-school sales, but do you need all that stuff?

Take a few minutes, sit down and think about what you need for the next few weeks. Most parents find plenty of the “needed” items already at home. Take stock of what your kids already appreciate.

If something is needed, you can typically ask around and find friends or family members with supplies. Don’t hesitate to ask to borrow something or check out your community yard sale. You can also swap or exchange something that you have that a friend wants to get something you need for back-to-school.

At our academies, we don’t require parents to bring or buy anything. We have everything ready for your preschooler and toddler, saving our families money and time.

Thrifty Tip #2: Pack and Bring Your Lunch

Rather than purchasing a meal plan or picking something up on the way, consider packing lunch for daycare and preschool. You’ll know what your child is eating, and you can purchase food in bulk and control your budget tightly. Plus, your child will know what to expect when lunchtime rolls around.

At Memories & Milestones Academy, we provide meals (breakfast, lunch, and a snack) to all our kids. It’s part of the tuition of daycare and preschool for your child. This way, it’s one less thing you have to worry about now. Plus, it helps you to save on your grocery bill. We serve hot and healthy meals and snacks each day we’re open. Just check the menu to see what’s being served.

Thrifty Tip #3: Search for Backpack Giveaways & Free Stuff from Local Churches

We live in a very generous community. Tune in to your local church for backpack giveaways and free school supplies. Often church members know families need a little extra help during the back-to-school time, so members donate supplies and backpacks to ensure everyone starts the year right.

Keep an eye out for backpack giveaways. These giveaways often include a treasure trove of supplies bundled with a backpack.

Thrifty Tip #4:  Go to the Library

Not only does your local library have free books, but they often have plenty of other back-to-school supplies that you can borrow or even have for free. Plus, you can check out a class being held at the library, which will help you get on a schedule for daycare and preschool.

The Scott County Library has terrific summer programming and services. They even have take-home play kits and games for toddlers and preschoolers.

Final Thoughts on Thrifty Back-to-School Tips for Preschool and Daycare Families

This time of year can be overwhelming for you and your family. It’s okay to say, “we’re trying something different this year,” and not buy as much. Many families are saying we have enough and completely forgoing continuously buying new stuff now and year-round. Most families are cutting back on spending and enjoying more of what they already have to be thrifty.

Now is an excellent time to transition to a back-to-school schedule. Family schedules change during the summertime, and back-to-school time means they change again. Soon everyone will settle into a new routine with less anxiety and fear of the unknown.

If you implement an early bedtime to prepare for an earlier morning now, it will be easier on everyone when the first day of daycare or preschool arrives. Or, if you’re already enrolled in daycare and preschool but changed up your schedule because the older kids were home, it’s time to plan for the upcoming new back-to-school schedule for everyone.

You’ve got this! Back-to-school time is the best time of year for kids. Take those photos and enjoy the ride.

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