What to Expect When Working in a Preschool and Daycare Job

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What to Expect When Working in a Preschool and Daycare Job

Early Education Employment

The preschool and daycare job field is a growing career industry. Entry-level, mid-level, and senior positions are available for people who love kids. That’s the important part, you must love kids!

Beyond a job in a growing industry, a daycare job is fulfilling and fun. Plus, some employers in this field, like Memories & Milestone Academy, offer training programs, so you get to learn new concepts to help the kids you’re serving.

What to Expect When Working in a Preschool and Daycare Job

Feel Fulfilled

A job in childcare and early education has several rewards. First, you’re working with younger children as their brains develop. Children develop 90% of their brains before the age of 5. This means you’re helping to lay the educational foundation for kids. You’re making a difference in the kids’ lives, and that’s fulfilling.

Have Dependable Employment

Keeping a regular schedule aids in the early development of children. This means it’s important for daycare and early education employees to be ready to serve kids on a regular schedule. It also means, as an employee, you get to maintain a regular schedule. If you’re someone who likes to plan and know when you’re working, this is a dependable job for you.

Have Fun

Plus, working a preschool and daycare job is fun. When your job is encouraging learning with kids, you’re guaranteed to laugh and be entertained. You’ll learn new things. Kids will share their fresh take on the world as they discover new things. Emotions are shared. Because kids are learning so much, every day is different and brings new opportunities for fun.

Roles & Responsibilities of Preschool & Daycare Job Employees

If you’re someone who loves kids and wants to have a career in early education, then consider the different roles and responsibilities:

Daycare Job: Infants & Toddlers

Infant Care is for people who really love babies and toddlers. In infant childcare, you’ll care for babies and toddlers by providing social, physical, and intellectual support to aid brain development and well-being.

Early Education: Preschool and Pre-K

Early education includes both preschool and Pre-K. Preschool is typically for children age   3 and 4. In preschool, you’ll help kids navigate their emotions, build social skills and encourage all kinds of fun. Pre-K is more about introducing different concepts, so kids build skills and become more independent before heading off to school.

All childcare and early education employees help prepare learning materials, activities, games, and meals. If you’re an assistant, you might have more responsibilities around helping to prepare for everyone’s day by gathering materials, etc. If you’re a teacher, you’ll be responsible for lesson plans and delivering exciting learning activities for skill development.

Both daycare and early education employees work with kids all day long. This is why you must love kids! You’ll get to know all kids, and they will get to know you. Plus, you will get to know their families.

There tends to be a sense of comradery among employees at early learning centers. As parents drop off their kids, you get to know parents, the kids in your classroom, and their siblings. The other employees, the kids, and the families often end up feeling like a big extended family to employees at early learning centers.

How to Apply at Memories & Milestones Academy

We’re always looking for employees that love kids at Memories & Milestones Academy. Please fill out our online employment form and let us know if you prefer to work in Belle Plaine or New Prague. Let us know about your certifications and experience.  If you feel like you don’t have experience but love kids, we encourage you to apply. We offer training and might have a spot just for you.

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